Argocat Amphibious Vehicle Driving Experience : West Midlands

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West Midlands

This event is no longer available.

Driving on land and through deep water with steep obstacles make this activity natures best get around experience.

There isn’t any where our little Agrocat can’t go!!!

After a 5-minute safety talk and demo we have several practice sessions in a field, with the final session in the quarry. Avalanche Adventure offer you the chance to manoeuvre an eight-wheeled skid-steer Argocat around their man-made all-terrain course, where you can compete against your fellow Spicers on a time-trial event or simply try to make your way up and down our steep slope, across the deep water and through their slippery obstacle course.

“It’s like nothing you’ve ever driven before!”

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Argocat Amphibious Vehicle Driving Experience

Hosting By

West Midlands

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