A Day at Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens with a Picnic Lunch. Group 2 : Thames Valley & Solent

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This event is no longer available.

We are delighted to invite you for a day trip out to visit what is now one of the UK’s largest zoological collections and most exciting gardens with much beauty and diversity of the natural world.

The Park relies totally on visitors and receives no outside help from any other sources, so your visit is vital to all the staff and the animals.

The beautiful parklands have an amazingly diverse collection of species many of which are endangered in the wild. Their dedicated and caring Keepers are passionate about the animals in their care and the opportunity to share their knowledge with the public. With their amazingly diverse collection of species and 160 acres of beautiful parkland there’s a lot to pack in. Here is a taste of what you can expect to see:

Birds: Currently they house 93 species of birds ranging in size to the largest bird of all, the Ostrich.

Mammals: The large Mammal section contains the mega – herbivores such as Giraffe, Camels and Tapir, and the large carnivores such as the Asiatic Lion.

Primates and small mammals: The Lemur collection are a real highlight of any visit to Cotswold Wildlife Park.

Reptiles: They have one of the largest snake species – Green anacondas, and also one of the most venomous – the Puff adder. They regularly breed their Morelet’s crocodiles, the only collection in Europe that has bred this species.

Please be aware: some of the indoor areas may be restricted or closed due to government guidelines around Covid-19.

The Park is set in 160 acres of landscaped parkland and gardens divided into four sections each with its own team of keepers to care for the animals in those areas. The beautiful gardens are carefully tended by a creative team of gardeners who make every corner of the Park a joy to visit. They have developed a wide range of planting styles, many of which link with the animal exhibits and take advantage of the various microclimates. With the Victorian Manor House at the hub, a large walled garden and a wonderful collection of mature trees form the backbone of the landscape.

We will walk at our leisure around the park, obviously adhering to social distancing guidelines, whilst we take look at all the various animals and when we feel peckish we will find a nice spot to sit in the gardens to enjoy our picnic.

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A Day at Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens with a Picnic Lunch. Group 2

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