9 mile, Whyteleafe to Coulsdon & Kenley Aerodrome Walk (GRP2) : London

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This event is no longer available.

2020 marks the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain when Kenley Aerodrome RAF squadons lost 44 personnel in the famous Battle. 

Please meet on the 'down side' platform of Whyteleafe railway station, ready to depart at 10:00.  The morning walk includes a couple of hills, beautiful views over the Surrey Hills and countryside as well as woodland walking - this is a slightly longer and more strenuous walk than my usual 'on the flat' walks. We will have a morning drink and snack break admiring the view before following an old Roman Road and crossing over an 1884 railway viaduct. At Kenley Aerodrome, we'll walk the perimeter path punctuated by remembrance markers of those who lost their lives in this vital WWII Battle. Please note that you will need to bring a picnic, drinks or snacks, because although we will be allowed to walk in the countryside in groups of 6, the Pubs will still not be allowed to open. After lunch we visit the Kenley Observatory, then return to the aerodrome to visit the WWII RAF Monument and the blast bays that once protected Spitfires. Then countryside and wooded areas lead us through an ancient woodland, up onto Farthing Downs, designated an area of archaeological interest due to its ancient Roman landscape and Saxon tumuli. The ridge top walk with beautiful views in all directions, leads us to Coulsdon South railway station where the walk ends at approximately 16:40hrs. During the day, we will visit all four 'Coulsdon Commons', bought in 1883 by the City of London Corporation, as part of their scheme to buy and maintain public open spaces within 25 miles of London for the benefit of Londoners and the nation.  

You may like to treat yourself to a cafe in the park visit before your journey home.  

Please note that there are two groups of 5 Spice members participating in this event - this group (Group 2) will 'follow in Linda's footsteps (the walk leader) at a socially safe distance' behind Group 1 before lunch. After lunch, Group 2 will walk with Linda as the advanced party while the 5 Spice members of Group 1 walk in our footsteps. Linda will keep both groups within her sight at all times.  

Please bring drinking water, a Covid-19 protective mask, your picnic lunch, and any other drinks or snacks you may want.  

Limited to 5 walkers plus Linda to comply with Covid-19 rules. 

Please dress for the weather on the day. Your walk leader is Linda Richardson (07575 799909 for on the day), please ring or text if you are lost, late or can no longer attend.  

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9 mile, Whyteleafe to Coulsdon & Kenley Aerodrome Walk (GRP2)

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