Single dads - improve your social life!

Single dads - improve your social life!

Single dads - improve your social life!

Single dads - improve your social life with Spice, the UK's leading adventure, social, leisure group. If you're one of the many single dads looking to improve your social life - we can help! We know how important your time is with the kids, but how can you lead a sucessful social life when you don't have them around?

We have a fantastic range of social, adventure and leisure events, weekends away and holidays abroad. Offering 100+ social, adventure and leisure events per month and with over 1,000 members in the Thames Valley & Solent, there has never been an easier or more fun way for single dads to improve their social lives! And because you can choose as many social, adventure and leisure events as you like, you can now fit a social life around your parenting commitments.

However, we're not a singles group! We offer couple membership, and our ethos is on friendship and having fun! As a result, we're much more relaxed on our events. It's about a group of like-minded people getting together and having fun.


You've always been a hero in your children's eyes, but think of the bragging rights when Junior tells the other kids his dad's been diving with sharks or flown a helicopter! Just try not to look too smug when you let slip to your ex what you've been up to!


Sky Diving
Waterskiing and Wakeboarding
Driving an Aston Martin
Rally Driving 
Top Gun Air Combat Mission
... and so much more!

Adventure Zap Cats 

Adrenalin-pumping action!


Social party weekends 
A great dining programme
Ten Pin Bowling
Cinema Nights
Black Tie Balls
Comedy Nights
... and so much more!

A great social diary!


Sports Nights
Rambles, Night Hikes and Orienteering
Horse Riding
Golf days
Mountain Biking
Real Tennis
... and so much more!

Sports days and nights 

Keeping fit and having fun!


Walking weekends 
Sailing - UK and abroad
Sea Kayaking
White Water Rafting
... and so much more!

Weekends to get away from it all! 


Membership costs £12 per month - less than a pint of beer each week!

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