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Why Spice?

Nov 01, 2017


If you’re already a member of Spice, then chances are you know what we do and why we do it. but if you’re new, or you haven’t decided if you want to join us yet, we wanted to give you an insight into what makes us tick. After all, Spice can seem like a slightly sprawling, even sometimes confusing group, so this is your chance to see what sort of things we do, and why our members love being a part of the Spice network. But rather than rant on forever, or just give you a long list, we chatted to some members and boiled it down to the 3 top things they love about Spice.  

 Meet New People


Above all, Spice is a social group. But unlike some social clubs, which meet every week and do things as one big group, Spice is an endlessly changing group of people. Not everyone will go on every event, and some members will religiously attend the same events every month. The group gives you the opportunity to meet hundreds of new people in your area with similar interests to you, without any of the awkward ‘standing around small talk’. Instead, you can meet and bond while dangling off a rock face, with a badminton racket in your hand or while learning how to sail a boat.  Many of our members are in transitionary stages in their life, so Spice gives them the chance to expand their social circles and make some real, life-long friendships.


Have Adventures


Some say variety is the spice of life, but at Spice, we believe it’s adventure! Our events give you and opportunity to get away from day to day life and experience something truly remarkable, exciting and sometimes even a little bit scary. While we cater for every taste, adventure is at the heart of everything we do, and that shines through in our events selection. For example, with Spice you could:


  • Go white water rafting
  • Spend the night in a cave
  • Rock climb on costal cliffs
  • Scuba dive in Malta and discover the underwater world
  • Learn how to forage


And so much more. Our booking structure means you can choose the adventures that appeal to you, and have a go at a whole host of new things you might not experience otherwise.


Challenge Yourself


The default for many people is to stay firmly within their comfort zone. Which makes sense in some ways – after all, comfort is good. But sometimes, pushing those boundaries and making yourself uncomfortable is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It forces you to try new things, and in doing so you can have some of the most exciting and amazing experiences of your life. And when you do it with Spice, you don’t have to go it alone. All of our members are looking to get out of their comfort zone, and we do it together. Our group adventures are the perfect way to try something new, with a group of people who are all as new as you are, and share both your worries and your excitement. We all bolster up each other’s courage to try new challenges, and all share in the successes of each person’s triumph. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Spice is a hugely supportive group, where new challenges are something to be relished, not afraid of.


If you are interested in joining Spice, all it takes is £12 per month. With full membership, you will have access to all of the events we hold, both large and small. You are not obligated to do anything – instead you can pick and choose what you would like to try, and you control when you try it. Throughout the year we run regular events like badminton and Ceroc dance classes, as well as bigger trips like costal walks and even longer events like skiing or Watersports holidays. For more information, or to sign up today, just click here.


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