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What Is Octopush, And Why You Should Give It A Try

Nov 15, 2017

You might think we’ve gone completely mad. That we’re making up words, or that we’ve devised some new sport that involves octopuses and violence. But never fear! IN fact, we have discovered a fantastic sport that really re-invents the wheel. Octopush is a great way to get fit and have fun, no matter what your current fitness level. Even those with injuries who can’t usually exercise can get involved, and benefit from a healthy dose of endorphins, adrenalin and laughter. We’re just about to launch our own sessions with Spice, so we wanted to take this chance to introduce you to the wonders of Octopush.


So What Is Octopush?


In simplest terms, Octopush is essentially underwater hockey. But as bizarre as the name might sound, Octopush isn’t a new thing. In fact, it’s been around since the early 1950’s, when sub-aqua divers in Southsea got bored just swimming lengths to get in shape. The new sport quickly spread, and now it’s being played worldwide. The idea behind the game is simple. You pull on the basic kit which consists of a mark, snorkel, fins and water polo hat, and jump in the water. Each player holds a small stick, about the size of a normal kitchen spatula, in a gloved hand. Once everyone is in the water and in their teams, the idea is to push a 1.2kg weighted puck along the bottom of the pool and into the other team’s goal. The goals are made of a three metre wide tray, and placed at opposite ends of the pool. It really is just like playing hockey, but with added water.


There are 10 people on each octopush team, but only 6 are allowed in the water at any one time. This creates many situations of tag diving, with players constantly getting in and out of the water to play. The idea is to work quickly, then get out and recover. It also makes for a fast paced and exhilarating game! Anyone who can swim can play, and it’s surprisingly easy to get the hang of. Plus, it’s very beneficial to your physical and mental health.


Why Is It So Beneficial?


For those who play octopush, it’s a fantastic workout. Not only is it a mental game in which you need to outsmart your opponent, you also need to be able to move quickly through a resistive material and gather enough strength to move a puck. This makes it a great exercise for developing strength, while being soft on joints and not overly strenuous on injuries. But it’s also a heck of a lung workout, for one particular reason. In all other sports, players can breathe whenever they like as they play. But in Octopush, players need to take in big breaths through a snorkel, before diving to the bottom of the pool and playing as they hold their breath. The longer they can stay under and play, the more likely they are to score. Playing quickly develops lung capacity and strength, as well as an instinct for the best moments to dive. After all, if you time it right, it can only take a few seconds to breath, dive, tackle and opponent, pass the puck to someone else and return to the surface.


Want To Give It A Try?


Sound good? We thought so! That’s why are Thames Valley Spice we will be running regular Octopush sessions for all of our members across the Thames Valley area. Anyone who is able to swim unaided can get involved, and we encourage anyone who struggles with high impact exercise due to joint problems to give it a try. Doctors everywhere often recommend swimming as a fantastic way to get fit while cushioning your joints and adding resistance, and the best part is you get to avoid the boring chore of swimming lengths! Sessions should be running a few times a month, giving you all a chance to try out this amazing sport for yourselves! To book your session, just click here.


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