Grave Escape - Where Mind Meets Fear : Scotland

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This event is no longer available.

Welcome to Grave Escape, a place where mind meets fear!

​Our team of 6 players will find themselves having 60 minutes to escape the darkest and gravest of situations by finding clues and solving puzzles - teamwork will be your only way to survive! 

​Beware however, malevolent and unfamiliar beings reside within this space, and you may find yourself making contact with them! 

​Book now for a journey where your very life may hang by a thread! 

The Theme: Voodoo is a powerful ritualistic practice, and none know this more than the voodoo priestess Marie Laveau. On summoning her spirit however something went wrong, and a much more malevolent entity has come through. 

This ancient evil demands a blood offering.

It can only be stopped by completing the ritual - else you too will fall victim to The Sack Man.

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Grave Escape - Where Mind Meets Fear

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