Cardiff Bay Stroll : Wales

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This event is no longer available.

Cardiff Bay Stroll

Date 27nd November 2020

Start Time 10:30

End Time 12:30

Start Point : Cogan Railway Station car park

Postcode: CF64 2NS

Walk Leader: Mike Hill

A nice walk around the history rich, Cardiff Bay and on to Penarth Marina. Then to Penarth head for scenic views of the Bristol channel. We will then drop down to cross Cardiff barrage to Mermaid quay and its many cafes where will stop for a break. Then through the docklands and to complete the circuit, crossing the rivers Taff and Ely to Cogan.

Terrain; this is a paved walk 6 miles long.

Equipment; Gear for all weathers, sensible walking shoes/ boots. Light refreshments.

Remember; Be aware of Covid19 restrictions. Please do not attend if you are currently isolating or from outside of Wales. Bring a mask and some antiseptic gel.

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Cardiff Bay Stroll

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