Personal Accident Insurance

Members are currently automatically covered by the following Personal Accident Policy. If you require a claim form, please contact . You should also report the Accident to your local Co-ordinator and complete a Spice Accident Form.

 Spice Personal Accident Insurance Policy

A special Personal Accident Insurance Scheme has been arranged by Harrison Beaumont Insurance Services and underwritten by Certain Underwriters at Lloyds for members of SPICE.

The following is a summary of the Terms, Conditions and Exclusions contained in a Master Policy of Insurance issued to SPICE, which may be inspected at the office of Spice UK National Office, 42 South Molton Street London  W1K 5RR.

Schedule of Compensation

(For a full description of the cover provided, refer to the Certificate and any attaching Endorsements)

Compensation payable in respect of Accident


Sum Insured (each Insured Person)



GBP 15,000


    Loss of Sight in One or Both Eyes

GBP 15,000


    Loss of One or More Limbs

GBP 15,000


    Permanent Total Loss of Speech

GBP 15,000


    Permanent Total Loss of Hearing

a) In One ear

GBP 6,000



b) In both ears

GBP 15,000


        Permanent Total Disablement

        (other than Loss of Sight, Limb,

        Speech or Hearing)

GBP 15,000


   Temporary Total Disablement

GBP 150 per week

Benefit Period 104 weeks

Excess Period 7 days


Temporary Partial Disablement

Not Covered

Compensation payable in respect of Illness


Loss of Sight in Both Eyes

Not Covered


Permanent Total Disablement by Paralysis

Not Covered


Temporary Total Disablement

Not Covered


Maximum Sum Insured Any One Person

Items 1 to 6

GBP 15,000

Item 7

GBP 150 per week

Item 8

Not Applicable

Items 9 and 10

Not Applicable

Item 11

Not Applicable

Accumulation Limit

GBP 2,500,000



It is hereby noted and agreed that:

1. No cover shall be operative under this Insurance for trips to, from or within the following territories / countries, unless such trips are declared to and agreed by Underwriters prior to travel.

Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Iraq and Kurdistan, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan (the Darfur States, South Kordofan, White Nile and Blue Nile only), Syria and Yemen

Should cover be extended, the Underwriters reserve the right to:

  • Charge an additional premium and/or
  • Amend the cover given in respect of such trips.

Note: In the event that cover is extended, the General Condition entitled ‘Endorsements Attaching To This Insurance’ on page 5 of the Certificate of Insurance will continue to apply.

2. The definition of Permanent Total Disablement is deleted and replaced with the following:

“PERMANENT TOTAL DISABLEMENT” shall mean disablement which entirely prevents the Insured Person from attending to any business or occupation of any and every kind and which lasts 12 months and at the expiry of that period is beyond hope of improvement.

3. The Operative Time shall be as follows:-

4. This Insurance excludes all claims for disablement arising out of, due to or aggravated by Intervertebral Disc Lesions and/or injury or disease of the spine and its associated structures.



king of any claim hereunder shall render this Insurance null and void and all claims shall be forfeited.

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