Meat Feast Brazilian Dinner Shuffle at The Cube : West Midlands

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West Midlands

This event is no longer available.

Welcome to a truly unique dining experience at Rodizio Rico,

Birmingham’s first and only authentic Brazilian Churrascaria (pron. shoe-hass-korea). Here, an extensive selection of grilled meat is served directly from the charcoal grill by experienced passadors (meat carvers) passing from table to table slicing grilled meat from their skewers right into your plate.

You choose what you would like from a wide selection of grilled meats, including Leg of lamb, variety of cuts of Beef, from Picanha (Cap of Rump steak), rump steak, ribs, Pork (ribs, leg of pork steak), Chicken (Legs, wings, hearts), homemade pork or chicken Sausages and many more! No craving is too large at Rodizio Rico.

The waiters will gladly continue to slice up their freshly grilled meats until you can eat no more. A pure carnivore’s delight – all you need is a hearty appetite! 

How it works:

(1) Take a plate to the gourmet salad and sides bar, enjoy many items from Brazilian street food, to fresh cut vegetables and varied Brazilian side dishes.

(2)Once you are back at your table and ready for meat to be served, turn your card green side up, to let our Passadores know you are ready to begin tableside meat service.

Choose from many different cuts of delicious charcoal fire roasted meats including lamb, beef, pork, chicken and gourmet home made sausages, brought straight to your table, sliced, and served by the Passadores.

(3) When you are satisfied or need a break, flip the card to the red side until you are ready for more. Optional Dessert:

We haven’t included this as we think you may not manage any more, but on the night you can order Brazilian desserts enjoyed with a Liqueur or Cognac and sealed with an espresso (pay for these directly on night. 

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Meat Feast Brazilian Dinner Shuffle at The Cube

Hosting By

West Midlands

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