Don't fake it - do it for real!

Don't fake it - do it for real!

Don't fake it - do it for real!

Do you fake it? Life that is! We want you to ditch the Wii and experience some real fun. Don't fake it - do it for real! Want to find out how? Read on!

If you have a games or Wii console, there's a baffling choice of activities to try: driving, dancing, horse riding to golf, tennis, waterskiing, skiing and snowboarding. At Spice, we do all the above and more for real - in fact you can't imagine what we don't do!

In most virtual worlds you can pick your own friends - at Spice we have over 12,000 members making life-long friends. Some worlds let you run your own zoo! We have unique out of hours access to many zoos, including Marwell Zoo, where we see the big cats at sunset, and Dudley Zoo, where you can be a zoo keeper for a day!

So, don't fake it - do it for real! Ditch the Wii and discover just how much fun life can be!

Establlished in 1981, with 8 groups throughout the UK, we have a wealth of experience to turn your leisure time into pleasure time. Whether it's trying a new experience or making new friends, there are more exciting and fun activities to choose from than you ever thought possible, including some awesome national events, such as Center Parcs weekends, Dragon Boat Racing and It's a Knockout competitions.


If you want to find out more about us, why not come along to one of our Preview Nights? Bring your social diary as we usually have some great offers to get your membership off to a flying start!

So, if you want to fill your days with fun and friendship, look no further, we have just what you're looking for. But don't take our word for it, just click on any of the photos below to find out what we have to offer!



To find out what we get up to in an average month (although of course there's no such thing as an average month once you're a member of Spice!) just click on any of the photos on the right. 
Whilst we're extremely proud of the 100+ activities every month we can offer you, the most important thing about Spice is the people you'll meet and the friends you'll make.
If you've moved to our area, or if your friends are settling down and playing 'happy families' and you need to put some 'oomph' back into your social life, why not join us?
No more nights of boredom on the sofa - unless you need a rest!
Instead of re-enacting the latest video games, join Spice and do it for real!
We have a fantastic group of coordinators waiting to help you get integrated into the group. Just click on our Meet the team link to find out who we are and what get up to!
Our programme is seasonal and not fixed, keeping the programme fresh and exciting.
With a choice of over 100 exciting activities every month, one thing is for certain - with Spice you need never be bored again! 
We offer you more holidays and weekends than you can shake a stick at! 
With over 1,000 members what better way is there to increase your social life?
We're not a singles group - our ethos is based on friendship and having fun! 
Our colour brochure is always available to view online, grab yourself a cuppa, sit back and enjoy!
Be the envy of friends, family and work colleagues when you tell them of your latest exploits!
Make friends with people who really know how to enjoy life on sports nights, rambles, or doing the madder things we offer, like fire eating, white water kayaking or tandem skydiving.
Receive discounts with Kuoni, Exodus, Trek America, Cotswold Outdoors, to name but a few. 
Have access to 7 other Spice groups nationwide, making us the biggest adventure, social, leisure club in the UK.
Why not be a part of it? Life's too short to miss out on this much fun!
Join today and this time next year you could be looking back on a year spent having fun with new friends and a whole heap of happy memories!
"You only have one life - live it!" MEMBER QUOTE

Dragon Boat Racing


Social Party Weekends and Events




Surfing weekends


Skiing snowboarding holidays



Membership costs £12 per month - less than a pint of beer or a glass of wine each week!

Click on the following links to find out more, or join today and invest in your social life!

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