Spice Scotland Preview Evening - Come and Find Out More - Glasgow : Scotland

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This event is no longer available.

All you ever wanted to know about Spice!

It’s all your questions answered and is ideal for those recently joined or those wanting to find out all about us. 

Come along and join us – No booking required!

Preview Nights are in an area exclusive to Spice Scotland. You will find us in the function suite within O’Neill’s Bar (to the back left of the bar). The presentation starts at 8pm.

On arrival order your welcome drink at the bar and mention Spice Scotland, we'll pick up the tab.

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Spice Scotland Preview Evening - Come and Find Out More - Glasgow

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Posted Feb 05, 2020 12:00
If you've yet to book on the Scottish February Bargain Break sadly we are now full.  Add yourself to the wait list, you never know, a space may come up.  For those of you who have booked (130 of you) time to get excited.  The weekend details have now been emailed that contain everything you need to know.  A couple of reminders - if you are not walking with Jamie or Ina don't forget to book your tours with Mark.  We have a Spice Love Social Weekend Breaks page on Facebook, it's a private group so you'll need to request to join it HERE.  I'll accept as soon as I can.  I look forward to seeing those booked in a couple of weeks.
Posted Jan 15, 2020 12:00
Meet the Scotland Ski 'Henry' Award
Posted Nov 13, 2019 12:00
Welcome to another Wednesday Lunchtime Read - our feature today - World Kindness day.
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