Space Lecture Winchester - A Journey Through the Universe and Back : Thames Valley & Solent

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This event is no longer available.

Experience an interactive view of the 3D Universe, and see how galaxies form and evolve through cosmic time as you go on the longest journey of your life! From the viewpoint of the solar neighbourhood, you’ll see how matter is structured around Earth from galaxies, groups, clusters, to the largest scales of the observable Universe. You’ll learn how astronomers catalogue galaxies, and how cosmologists are trying to pin down the nature of dark matter and the fate of the Universe.

Our lecturer for the evening is Dr. Francesco Shankar, from the University of Southampton.

Meet at 6.20pm in Reception, the lecture starts at 6.30pm prompt.

Afterwards, you may wish to enjoy a quick drink in a nearby pub with your fellow Spicers. (Drinks payable separately on the day.)

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Space Lecture Winchester - A Journey Through the Universe and Back

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