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Looking to explode your social life - We hold events online and meals out, cinema and theatre visits, parties, balls and get-together to many events…in fact we do a little bit of everything, give us a call to talk through some of our events.... 

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Take a look at our holidays... We have holidays ranging from exotic locations like New Zealand, Australia, Nepal, India, Borneo, Kenya, China, Cuba, Egypt, Croatia, Berlin and a full skiing program to France, Italy, Andorra and Austria. Where do you want to go this year!

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"I discovered Spice about 7 years ago. I was looking for an organisation that offered a range of different activities. When I finally went onto the Spice website I was overwhelmed by all the things I could do and not just in the area I live in. Since then I have tried to do as many varied events as possible. What I wasn’t expecting was being part of a Spice family. Organisers and Spice members come from all walks of life and have made so many experiences delightful. Making so many friends and trying so many activities has been life changing. I cannot recommend being a Spice member enough."
Melissa from Baughurst, Hampshire

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